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Security Room - Environment Design

Hey guys, I've made a realistic approach to a more art deco style of a futuristic interior room of a spaceship, was inspired by some artworks from FZD school.

Who is using this space?
Space marine security force.

What is this place?
Dorm room, this is the place the marines rest, mantain their gear (weapons and armor) and observer the ship.
Right now it’s happening an emergency and so the marines had to leave immediately the room, so everything
is a bit messy.

When this takes place?
In a hundred years from now, humans are exploring space in ship with slick art deco modern designs.

Where is this place?
In a big ship cruising deep space, reaching to other galaxies thru wormholes.

Why this place exist?
Since space travel thru new galaxis is a new venture, brute force may be necessary in some situations.